Eurolanche Invasion


Eurolanche Invasion is a trip of Eurolanche members to Denver, Colorado organized directly by the Fan Club for the purpose of watching Avalanche hockey.


The Eurolanche Fan Club attempts to organize an Invasion annually or at least every other season. It depends on actual member interest in the trip and the Colorado Avalanche schedule.

Who can join the Invasion?

All Eurolanche members can join with us on Invasions. The number of members is unlimited. Members get updates about Invasions in advance. Read all terms in this link.

How much does the trip cost?

A total price for plane tickets, accomodation, rented car and the organization vary each year. All pre-registered members will be informed about specific prices in advance.

Feb 24, 2018 - Mar 10, 2018

Eurolanche invasion X

David Slovakia Michal Czech Republic Juuso Finland Ivan Slovakia Marek Czech Republic
Jan 12-26, 2017

Eurolanche invasion IX

David Slovakia Jakub Czech Republic Barnabas Hungary Jozef Slovakia Marian Czech Republic Marko Finland Peter Slovakia Ladislav Czech Republic Rasto Slovakia Michal Czech Republic
Feb 24, 2016 - Mar 10, 2016

Eurolanche invasion VIII

David Slovakia Norbert Austria Jakub Czech Republic Tomas Slovakia Robert Germany Jozef Slovakia Martin Slovakia Jan Czech Republic Alexander Switzerland Martin Slovakia Boris Germany David Czech Republic
Dec 26, 2014 - Jan 11, 2015

Eurolanche invasion VII

David Slovakia Rudolf Slovakia Norbert Austria Tomas Slovakia Michaela Slovakia Juraj Slovakia Stanislava Slovakia Branislav Slovakia
Dec 27, 2013 - Jan 11, 2014

Eurolanche invasion VI

David Slovakia Rudolf Slovakia Pavol Slovakia Norbert Austria Ondrej Czech Republic Ales Czech Republic
Mar 7-21, 2013

Eurolanche invasion V

David Slovakia Rudolf Slovakia Lukas Slovakia Matej Czech Republic
Dec 15-30, 2011

Eurolanche invasion IV

David Slovakia Norbert Austria Matej Czech Republic
Jan 30, 2010 - Feb 13, 2010

Eurolanche invasion III

David Slovakia Norbert Austria Christoph Austria Robert Romania Peter Slovakia
Jan 30, 2009 - Feb 6, 2009

Eurolanche invasion II

Norbert Austria Martin Czech Republic Matej Czech Republic
Dec 26, 2008 - Jan 11, 2009

Eurolanche invasion I

David Slovakia Martin Slovakia Martin Czech Republic

"An Avs-olutely Fan-tastic experience you will never forget."

Norbert Gruber,

"Lifetime experience when your NHL dream comes true."

Lukas Sveda,

"The best way to experience Avalanche hockey as a fan."

Robert Ciubotaru,

"A trip for Avalanche hockey - nothing is impossible."

Rudolf Sery,

"My dream was Avs hockey. Eurolanche made it a reality!"

Matej Klucho,
Czech Republic

"Unbelievable and unforgettable. Everyone wants to come back again."

David Puchovsky,